3D Modelling

3D modelling is the quickest and easiest way to visualise your product before prototyping.  At this stage you can rapidly change dimensions, geometries and materials of your concept to see how it would look in real life.

At theCADlab, we have prototype-specific design software that allows us to not only rapidly produce 3D models and create realistic rendered imagery of your product but also to compute simulations, display animations and draft 2D drawings to accompany its design.

Our team is professionally certified in 3D design and can rapidly create virtual models of your concept. This process will allow you to cycle through different designs until you are happy with how your product looks. 3D design is an iterative process and can always change as your product develops.

We would recommend to be as open minded as possible when considering solutions during the initial design of your concept. This is called the ideation phase.
Often the best products come from thinking completely outside of the box.

Our Process

We at theCADlab respect that the concept is yours and we will aim to stay as close to your dream design as possible. Prototyping is an iterative process which means that the design will constantly develop and evolve with testing. However, we welcome changes the most during the ideation phase before moving on to any physical prototyping work.

Case Studies

Working with a research project based around alternative prosthetic hip design. You can see three iterations we explored that are completely different to traditional design. We were able to quickly model up each iteration, run simulations and rapidly 3D print each iteration for review with our client.

Hip Joint

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