Design Consultancy

The main goal of theCADlab is to use our experience and expertise to look after the design and prototyping stage of your product journey, helping move your concept towards a finished product. We can support your idea and design your product using a suitable combination of our services and streamlined process.

We are often approached by clients who have an initial concept for a product that carries out a task but no idea how it will actually perform said task.

Our team of designers have produced countless prototypes for companies across the globe and will work with you to design your product. Once you share your critical design and market insights, we will apply our creative and technical backgrounds to build your dream product design. This can be done remotely over video calls or in person in our Dublin design lab.

We stress that no matter how little input you have during the design phase your idea will remain 100% your intellectual property. We are simply here to support using our skill sets and experience.

Our Process

Our design process begins with an introductory call where you can inform us of your concept’s background, any conceptual/design work completed so far on the design and anything you feel could be influential to the design of the product. We then bring you through our step-by-step process outlined below.

Case Studies

When approached with an innovative smart-kettlebell concept, we were able to turn a back-of-the-napkin sketch with no technical information into a fully functioning prototype within three months.

We produced rendered images of different design options and explained our thinking with regards to how we should approach the mechanical and electronic design of this prototype. The client placed his trust in us and, whilst keeping him in the loop throughout, we were able to build and deliver a prototype with which he was delighted.

Since then, he has gone on to gain interest from global investors by demonstrating this prototype.

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Schedule a call with us to discuss your idea and we will issue an NDA ahead of time to ensure you feel comfortable with sharing your concept with our team.

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