Electronic System Design

For products which we require electronic functionality, we can design anything from early stage proof-of-concept electronic circuit to integrated ready-for-manufacture PCBs.

We offer a wide range of electronic development capabilities.
Whether it is a simple blinking LED or a fully embedded electronic system, our electronics development facilities can design and integrate any possible electronic functionality your product may require.

theCADlab will look after anything electronic that your product needs; embedded system design; PCB assembly; industrial automation; IoT wireless data communication systems; user interfaces; app development; software analysis and many more possibilities.

We understand this process can be foreign to many entrepreneurs.
If you contact our electronics team, we will schedule a chat to discuss your needs in accessible terms and then transpose the information you give us for our bespoke electronic system.

Our Process

The electronic development process begins with a discussion about your vision of how the product will work. This discussion will be conducted using non-technical language to ensure we get a full understanding of your vision. Our team of electronic experts will then get to work on our electronic development process to make it a reality.

Get in Contact

Schedule a call with us to discuss your idea and we will issue an NDA ahead of time to ensure you feel comfortable with sharing your concept with our team.

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