We offer a range of prototype design services with the goal of producing a product or prototype that can be presented to potential investors or brought to the mass market. We also develop electronics and control systems, software integration and data analysis systems.
In addition to this, we deliver workshops on entrepreneurship, developing a product idea, designing and producing a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and pitching your product for investment.

TheCADlab was officially founded in March 2021, however the collaboration between Brian, Seán and Tom has been ongoing for 10 years.

A working prototype is essential to iron out problems, identify additional features, introduce IOT capabilities and test your product with an audience. This feedback will develop your product at a stage when changes are low cost and have little impact on the manufacturing.

Yes we do, in fact we are teaming up with WIT and GrowthHub to offer modules in design thinking, sketching, CAD modelling, design for manufacture, and 3D printing. We also offer bespoke training based on your team’s needs.

theCADlab has a network of manufacturers that can manufacture your product or we can put you in front of an investor group with a prepared pitch and route to market. Think of it like Dragon’s Den without the drama!

theCADlab operates under an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) for every product we work on. Any approved third party that may be involved in the process signs a separate NDA to ensure your idea and IP is protected.

The name theCADlab reflects our philosophy of experimentation and improvement. The laboratory is usually a place to explore, experiment and record in a methodical way. The CAD aspect of the name refers to Computer Aided Design which allows us to make a model of a product, to test ideas and movement systems and to present pristine rendered images for presentation.

Costing for a project is done on a case-by-case basis. This is because none of our projects are the same. Each project is looking to do something like no one has ever done before.
We will first break down the project’s scope and make sure everything you want to achieve with us is recorded. Then we will take a look at the tasks involved and draw up a proposal for review.

We specialise in 3D modelling products for manufacture and offer bespoke design packages that can be used to design a kitchen or interior space, plan an office refurbishment or even a new build.

This package gives you a fully rendered model of your dream space to the exact spec the designer has in mind.

We also offer a traditional drafting service i.e. converting paper drawings to a digital CAD file, editing house plans, industrial and technical drawings and submitting drawings for quotations or tender.

Software integration is the unity of the hardware components that make up your smart device and the user. If a user wishes to write a letter on your computer, you use word document software for example.
If your dream product has an app or a touchscreen interface or something that takes the function of the device and depicts it in some form, it needs software integration.