Medical Industry

The med-tech and medical devices market is accelerating at a remarkable rate.
theCADlab’s team of experienced designers are perfectly positioned to support a project in the medical industry.
Our directors have experience of designing and building prosthetics, centrifuges, face shields and many more devices within the medical sector.

The Arctic Band

The Arctic Band was another response of theCADlab to the needs of healthcare workers in Ireland. From the findings of interviews conducted by theCADlab with frontline nurses, we discovered overheating from the long term use of high levels of PPE was a massive issue facing our medical professionals. As a pitch into a HSE-led call to the design community, we developed the Arctic band.

The Arctic Band is a flexible waterproof band that is worn around the wrist and delivers instant cooling relief to the wearer for 25+ minutes before being easily disinfected and replaced. They can be stored in any generic freezer and are totally reusable.

Ireland is one of Europe’s largest MedTech hotspots and, as a globally recognised centre of excellence, is home to 300+ companies, employing over 40.000 people, 14 of the world’s top 15 companies have operations here. – IDA Ireland

During the PPE shortage of 2020, our prototyping director Tom English demonstrated how powerful rapid prototyping can be by 3D printing, assembling and distributing over 3000 face visors to healthcare workers across Ireland from his family home in Co. Clare.

This was a tremendous achievement and a testament to how quickly products can be produced using rapid prototyping technology. From this experience, Tom became well versed in the quality expected with medical technology as well as how to efficiently run a high volume of prototypes in a short period of time.

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