Why Do Businesses Engage In Prototype Development?

Before reading this blog make sure you’re up to date on questions like; “what is a product prototype and why is it important in the first place? We will go through it briefly but you can read more about it on our blog; What Is Prototype Development?

So, now that we’re all on the same page let’s talk about why prototype development is not just, as some might think, for the novice inventor but for large and established businesses as well. 

For starters, delivering a brand new product takes a huge investment in personnel and resources, and adapting an existing, successful product for a lower cost manufacturing process can be a costly route. However, our lab based research and development (R&D) workshop can absorb the majority of these costs, delivering a fully developed prototype ready for full scale manufacture, meaning lower costs are incurred by the business.

Outsourcing this service is not uncommon for established businesses as a rapidly changing market demands a flexible and adaptable R&D process. This is not possible in the traditional departmental structure of a business, as many internal R&D departments are scaled back as the product reaches the final development stage. TheCADlab offers a bespoke R&D service for businesses; we take the product specifications, market demands, and manufacturing options into account and deliver the complete product package. 

The Benefits of Prototype Development for Businesses

What is a prototype? By its very definition it is “a first or preliminary version of a device or vehicle from which other forms are developed.” This means that you get to test your product before bringing it to market, a beneficial exercise before making any big investment, no matter the size or longevity of your business. 

This is a sure way not only to guard profits but also gain edge on your market competitors. It is hard enough to maintain a competitive edge within the global market with existing products; changes and new ideas demand a forward-thinking, innovative R&D team. Quality products can ride the wave of fluctuating trends, however businesses must be mindful of opportunities and seek out innovation within their own operations. 

In addition, an effective turnaround on product development will lead to significant savings overall. For example, one large manufacturing and distribution company identified a mechanical issue in their production process, brought in theCADlab to review practice, design a solution, and arrange an alternative production method. This process took two months to complete from first contact, however, the change in operation saved the company potentially hundreds of thousands, as well as eliminating recurring issues with the previous operation. 

This service was performed under the terms of a strict NDA, fit the specific standard operating procedure of the company and their clients, and clear communication was at the heart of the relationship.

Our Prototype Development Process

From first contact we identify the parameters of our relationship and organise NDAs to protect the intellectual property and confidentiality of the arrangement. We then proceed to identify the needs of the business around their product, and seek out opportunities for a more effective production or service. 

We specialise in product development, manufacturing techniques, and software integration, and these services are at the centre of our focus when collaborating with any business. If you have any questions around our prototyping services please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.